Attending to Anti-Racist Education in Sac City:

What the disparate impact of the pandemic on communities of color and the recent racial uprising against police brutality and violence against Black Americans has highlighted is the critical need for Sac City to re-examine how we are actualizing our SCUSD Core Value that ”we vigilantly work to confront and interrupt inequities that exist to level the playing field and provide opportunities for everyone to learn, grow and reach their greatness.” We acknowledge our complex history with the disproportionality of suspensions for African Americans, as highlighted in the 2018 Capitol of Suspension report, achievement gaps between student groups, and implicit biases that can hurt our efforts to meet our students academic, social and emotional needs. As we return together, we do so with racial humility and a recognition that we have failed to address systemic racism, as a district, as a community, and as a society.

We are committed to a sustained journey of explicit and purposeful learning, reflection, and practice of eradicating systemic racism in our SCUSD schools. We understand that there is no right path, but we must stay the course in having these difficult conversations, even when the conversation is uncomfortable. Together, we can build collective efficacy to continue to cultivate belonging for all.