Support Services

Support Services


Behavior Intervention Program

A Behavior Intervention Specialist is provided by the district and is responsible for assessing students with unique behavior needs and providing a plan for their success in the classroom.  The plan will consist of interventions that build social skills and bring about positive change.

Language Arts Intervention

Students in grades 1st through 6th grade are given up to a half an hour per day where their individual needs are met.  Students who are struggling with grade level standards meet in small groups with instructional aides and other support staff while students who need to be challenged and enriched also get instruction on their level.

English Language Development

Students who have a primary language other than English are identified for English Language instruction through the ELPAC test.  These students receive instruction from a certified teacher for 30 minutes a day.  Instruction focuses on vocabulary, conversation, and English language structure.

Student Study Team (SST) Meetings

The Student Study Team (SST) is a positive, team-oriented approach to assisting students with a wide range of concerns related to their school performance and experience.  The purpose of the SST is to identify concerns and intervene early in order to design a support system for students having difficulty in the general education classroom. 

Either a staff member or parent can make a referral for an SST.  The team usually consists of a parent, teacher, administrator, and support personnel from the school.  Students may also be included depending on their age and maturity.  Sometimes a special education teacher and/or School Psychologist will also participate to give his or her perspective. 

The SST meeting provides everyone with an opportunity to share concerns and develop a plan.  The interventions agreed upon will vary depending on the child’s needs.  Follow-up meetings are scheduled to verify the plan is working and to make adjustments to ensure student success.  The Student Study Team is an efficient and effective way to bring together resources in order to help students reach their potential.  If you have questions or concerns about an SST, please contact your student’s teacher or a school administrator.

504 Plans

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal law that protects qualified individuals from discrimination based on their disability.  A student qualifies as handicapped under Section 504 if they have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such impairment, or is regarded as having such impairment.  Please contact your student’s teacher or school administrator if you have questions about a 504 Plan.

Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)

Special Education is provided to students, from birth through 21 years of age, who meet eligibility criteria.  These students receive specialized academic instruction and related services designed to meet their special education needs, as recommended in their Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Special Education services are provided only after all resources of the general education program have been considered and utilized.  If you have questions or concerns about an IEP, please contact your student’s teacher or a school administrator.

Resource Specialist Program

The Resource Specialist works with students for up to 49% of the day to work on reading and/or mathematics.  These services are only available to students who qualify for Special Education services.

Special Day Class:

Students in grades 1st through 6th that need intense learning interventions and support will receive instruction in self-contained classes.  Students meet educational goals according to their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  They are assessed annually to determine progress toward meeting their goals.  Staff for these classes includes a trained and certified Special Day class teacher and one or more instructional aides.

Speech & Language

Our speech and language specialist establishes remedial programs for students having moderate to severe problems in language and speech areas.