Student Support Center

Student Support Center


The Student Support Center is dedicated to supporting student success, the Student Support Center offers a wide range of social, emotional, academic, and health resources to help students thrive.  We promote attendance and a positive school climate by focusing on the whole child, providing critical support services and removing barriers to learning. 

Services include:

  • Mentoring
  • Crisis Counseling and on-site mental health services
  • Support Groups
  • Academic supports (SST’s/504 Plans/IEP assistance)
  • Basic needs (clothing, food, shelter) information and referrals
  • Health insurance and healthcare services referrals
  • Gang Prevention Services
  • Drug & Alcohol Education
  • Family Nights
  • Attendance Support & Home Visits

The Student Support Center is located in room P3 and is open Monday through Friday during the regular school year when school is in session.

Student Support Center Coordinator:

Amaya Weiss